Over 5k Guests Attend a Wedding for a Dog

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Over 5k Guests Attend a Wedding for a Dog
Mon 14-03-2016

This news sounds a bit unrealistic, but it actually happened in India few days ago and it was all captured on cameras.

In a village at district Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh, over 5,000 guests attended the ceremony that was held according to Hindu rituals.

The 'groom' Shagun belonged to Basant Tripathy, while the 'bride' Shaguniya belonged to Jung Bahadur.

Indian cuisine was served to the guests who attended the wedding ceremony.

Music and songs were also played and the guests can be seen in the footage below dancing and celebrating this event.

Jung Bahadur gave a tearful send off to Shaguniya, who departed along with her groom in a car.

Source: Times of India