Pictures: Bride and Groom Celebrate Valentine's Day Wedding in Coffins

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Pictures: Bride and Groom Celebrate Valentine's Day Wedding in Coffins
Sat 21-02-2015

Many couples think of their wedding day as the start of a new life together but these Thai newlyweds seem to have taken the idea more seriously than most, lying in a coffin as they said their vows.

The wedding ritual, conducted by monks, allows couples to rid themselves of bad luck by being 'brought back to life' and is believed to bring true love, prosperity, and protection from harm.

Ten couples took part in the unusual mass ceremony at a temple on the outskirts of Bangkok. 

One of the ten couples who took part in today's ceremony are pictured lying in the coffin with wedding bouquets. Monks represent the end of their lives by covering them in a white sheet

Participants made offerings to the monks before taking their places side-by-side in the large pink coffin - floral bouquets held to their chests.

The monks then draped a large white sheet across them - representing their death - and performed chants usually reserved for funerals. The prayers ended with blessings for a new life.

When the sheet is removed from the coffin, it signals the start of a life free from bad luck, abbot Phra Kru Samu Sa-ngob Kittkayo, told the Bangkok Post.

It also could serve as a reminder for couples to live with the reality that nothing lasts forever, a key component of the Buddhist philosophy. 

The temple held the event for the first time last year when Valentine's Day fell on Makha Bucha Day, a Buddhist holiday, giving couples the chance to marry as part of a religious ceremony. 

Source: Daily Mail