Pippa Middleton Is Shedding For The Wedding

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Pippa Middleton Is Shedding For The Wedding
Mon 01-05-2017

Three weeks to go for the world famous bridesmaid, Pippa Middleton, to tie the knot with her boyfriend James Matthews. On 21 May, Pippa Middleton will walk down the isle of a 12th-century church in Englefield, Berkshire.

Pippa has been following a strict fitness and diet routine. The private health club she's been going to in Kensington, KX, strongly advocates the strict Sirtfood diet. For the past two years KX has actively pioneered the inclusion of Sirtfoods into its restaurant menu and food programmes. Sirtfoods are a newly discovered, special group of wonder plant foods, which when we eat enough of them have the ability to turn on our body’s ‘skinny genes’.

"Sirtfoods have the unique ability to clear out toxic materials from inside our cells, improving our vitality and preventing premature aging. Combining a diet rich in Sirtfoods with moderate caloric restriction offered the perfect pairing for a nutritional ‘spring clean’", explains KX on their website. 

However, the diet, has raised some eyebrows and prompted descriptors such as "unhealthy" and "unsafe". 

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