QALO Ring Is The New Wedding Ring For Active People

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QALO Ring Is The New Wedding Ring For Active People
Fri 08-01-2016

The QALO ring is every active person's dream ring! If you love to ride bikes, climb mountains, play sports, or any other physical activity, you must know that it is uncomfortable to wear a wedding ring and you always have the risk of damaging or far worst loosing your ring.

The QALO Ring (pronounced kay-lo), which stands for quality, athletics, love, outdoors, could be the solution.

It’s the wedding ring for active the lifestyle. The QALO rings are made of thick silicone that are durable enough to be worn in the toughest obstacle races and training sessions, but are still comfortable to wear and most importantly shows that you´re committed to your relationship.

QALO was founded by two men named Ted and Casey. Ted and Casey found that their traditional wedding rings were a bit of a nuisance for their active lifestyles. They saw this same dilemma occurring for many men in fields such as military special operations, first responders, cops, and professional athletes. Taking this into account, the QALO ring was born.