Randa Al Buhairy Loves Being Single

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Randa Al Buhairy Loves Being Single
Sun 11-09-2016

Egyptian actress Randa Al Buhairy, loves being single.

In fact, she loves being single so much that she's asked her fans to interfere and stop her if she were to ever change her mind about marriage.

In a humorous, Facebook post, Randa said:

"Immediate attention to anyone who's thinking of getting married: I've been single for a while now and I've been so happy. I can 'feel' everything around me, everything tastes and feels better."

"I live for my family, my work, my friends and for living. My friends are the best and deserve the best. They make me laugh 24/7; there's no one to argue with or to annoy me anymore."

She ended her post with, "And if one day I decide to get married, please make me sane again and convince me otherwise."