Reasons Behind Ghada Bshour's Split Up

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Reasons Behind Ghada Bshour's Split Up
Wed 09-03-2016

After 3 months of tying the knot with her husband who is 20 years younger than her, Ghada Bshour has officially split up from Ayman Lahham.

The Syrian actress had posted few status updates on Facebook, and these were enough to reveal that she was going through problems in her marriage.

She shared this status with her fans: "If the one you love betrays you, do not be sad. Instead, wait until they've given their back to you and write on it: I could have cheated too, but my high morals didn't let me".

And it seems that her husband decided to cheat on her instead of terminating the relationship.

Nor Ghada or Ayman have publicly announced this, but it's all clear and obvious after she shared another status hinting at her split up.

The post said: "We might not always believe everything astrologists tell us, however, sometimes coincidences happen, and they have predicted for Aquarius to split up with their loved one this year, and that's just what happened".