Sì White Carpet Staged at Si Sposaitalia

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Sì White Carpet Staged at Si Sposaitalia
Sat 31-03-2018

To confirm its leading role as a reference point for the bridal fashion industry, SI Sposaitalia Collezioni will stage Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni, the catwalk show supervised by Giusi Ferrè who invites designers to reinvent bridal and ceremony looks. 

Chosen by the famous fashion critic, the mini-collections by creative designers and major companies will take the runway in Fiera Milano city. This synergy will make the evening as unique as ever, with fashion shows and cocktails. 

Enzo Miccio Bridal, the brand created by the stylist of the same name, a well-known face on TV and renowned wedding designer, will take to the runway with a collection designed in collaboration with Filippa Lagerbäck, inspired by her taste and style, which is heavily influenced by her love of nature.

Olympia Bridal, the project born by the history of Italian haute couture, with a fresh and innovative style, has chosen the creativity of Giulia Gaudino, the beautiful influencer who since childhood loved the world of wedding dresses and who will present herself as an ambassador for Olympia Bridal.

Blumarine, one of the most highly esteemed brands in the fashion industry has confirmed its participation at the event and has chosen to strengthen and extend its collaboration with the Bellantuono Bridal Group. Next up, we have the Nicole Fashion Group  with influencer Paola Turani, followed by Tosca Spose alongside the Leitmotiv creative duo, Musani Couture and emerging talent Stefano De Lellis and finally the Bellantuono Bridal Group once again, but this time with designer Efisio Marras.

Blumarine, founded in 1977 by Anna Molinari, who continues in the role of stylist for the prestigious fashion house, has chosen to rise to the challenge provided by the new project and will be gracing Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni with a capsule collection of bespoke dream wedding gowns in collaboration with the Bellantuono Bridal Group.

The Nicole Fashion Group has chosen to focus on a ‘cool’ collaboration and has called upon Paola Turani to re-visit the various garments in a contemporary key: the model and influencer will be part of the creative process and will work closely with the group’s stylist Alessandra Rinaudo.

The Tosca Spose and Leitmotiv partnership will see wedding gowns take the spotlight:  Elisabetta Garuffi, renowned for her bon-ton, sophisticated and clean styling, will join forces with the creative duo, famed for their eclectic taste and unexpected yet unmistakable creations.

On the subject of occasion wear, Musani Couture, the historic brand specialised in occasion-worthy looks, which has chosen to invest in new talent in order to take cue from the new generations and offer an innovative and glamorous image of the occasion-wear segment, has partnered with Stefano De Lellis, a young and promising Italian fashion designer and aficionado of gowns boasting abundant embroidery, crystals and jewels.

The Bellantuono Bridal Group, which has enthusiastically risen to the occasion, has decided to take up the challenge by also making its expertise and professionalism available to Efisio Marras, the 24-year old Sardinian stylist and creative director of I’m Isola Marras, who, following in his parent’s footsteps, has re-interpreted the brand's vision of the contemporary woman.

The evening’s special guests will include the likes of Carlo Pignatelli, who has chosen Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni to narrate a new chapter of his story with a celebratory capsule collection.

In fact, to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary, Carlo Pignatelli is proposing five new contemporary looks, interpreted by the young and iconic beauty of four male models and one female model, intended to create a new sense of continuity between past, present and future. A special capsule collection that continues along the same lines as retrospective ‘Story of a Dream’, the exhibition dedicated to the fashion house and organised as part of the event.

Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni confirms its status as an exceptional runway show and cult occasion with original capsule collections, created under the watchful eye of Giusi Ferrè, taking centre stage. An exclusive event that will see runway shows and cocktail parties on rotation and will involve press, professionals, influencers and special guests.