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Sarah Jessica Parker Releases New Bridal Collection

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Sarah Jessica Parker Releases New Bridal Collection
Tue 01-05-2018

Actress and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker launched a line of bridal apparel, “SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker,” with the company Gilt.

Gilt, an e-commerce fashion company, marks its first ever foray into bridal-wear with Parker’s 10-piece line. The small collection is defined by its elegant femininity — feathered skirts, sweeping bows, and flesh-hugging body-suits in delicate pastels. Most of the pieces are made primarily with viscose, an affordable silk-alternative fabric that serves to make the items seem unpretentious rather than cheap. The line can be defined as “affordable luxury” — cocktail attire worn by a bride who can afford much more but doesn’t want to progress farther than the atrium in the wedding industrial complex.