A Saudi Divorce Over Groom's Long Hair

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A Saudi Divorce Over Groom's Long Hair
Tue 05-01-2016

A Saudi groom divorced his bride during their wedding after an argument between him and the bride’s mother over his long hair.

The groom was posing for a photograph with his bride when his mother-in-law noticed his long hair which he was tying on his neck.

When she asked him to have a haircut, he said he would do so after the wedding, prompting the woman to insist on the haircut before the marriage.

"My mother then started to argue with my husband and his mother, who then swore at her. She grabbed my hand and asked me ‘either me or him," the bride said, as quoted by the Saudi state TV channel ‘Alikhbariya’.

"I chose my mother of course. My groom then said that he would not accept any condition from any one and immediately he divorced me."

The unnamed bride from the Saudi capital Riyadh said she still could not believe her marriage was disrupted so easily just because of “a lock of hair”.

Source: Emirates 24/7

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