Saudi Jewelry Designer Suad Sami Launches New Collection

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Saudi Jewelry Designer Suad Sami Launches New Collection
Mon 28-03-2016

Saudi jewelry designer Suad Sami has released her latest jewelry collection.

The collection is simple and made to be worn everyday; it is simple yet extravagant, causal yet fancy.

The main theme of the collection is simplicity and diversity. 

"I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in interior design. I started off by tweaking around with some of the jewelry that I had designing them to suit the style that I had in mind, that led to sketching my own designs and sending them to workshops. After wearing them in public I received amazing feedback and people started requesting some of my designs so I kept on designing my jewelry" said Suad Sami.


"My greatest fascination in jewelry design is working with precious stones. Each stone has a history and represents something. Some of the stones affect people due to its relation with horoscopes. The infinite colors, shapes and textures of the stones are what really intrigued me to continue with jewelry", added Suad.