The Solo Wedding Trend is Growing in Japan

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The Solo Wedding Trend is Growing in Japan
Tue 08-03-2016

Japan now offers solo weddings with the complete package where you can book a day for one and get the full experience.

This trend is growing in Japan, and single women are getting dressed up as brides and staging a bridal photoshoot.

A website called Cerca Travel offers this service suggests that "You are single and you don’t know if you would be able to get married and have a wedding ceremony in the near future,”  “but you would like to have some pictures of yourself in a wedding gown or in a gorgeous bridal kimono now, when you are young and beautiful".

The Guardian has reported that "130 Japanese women have paid Cerca ¥380,000 (£2,500) for a two-day package, including a dress fitting, hair, makeup and a photo shoot , in short, everything except the actual ceremony".

Naomi Harris, 42, a bride who shared her experience with The Guardian said she have seen all her friends get married and now it's her turn; even if it was fake.

She added "In my late 20s, I thought I was dating the man I would marry but, while he was working abroad, he broke up with me abruptly and with no warning. It was nearly 13 years before I had another relationship."

Harris had a  vision of looking like a 1930s beauty queen, and she was able to pull that off with the gorgeous hairstyle and layered wedding dress.

Source: The Guardian