Syrian Refugee Saves Bride's Wedding Day

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Syrian Refugee Saves Bride's Wedding Day
Sat 01-10-2016

Lindsay Coulter was photographing the wedding of Jo Du and Earl Lee in Guelph, Ontario.

Everything was going well at the wedding, until a zipper on the dress broke.

Most of the couple's family were visiting from China, so they were all staying at a rented home to have everyone under one roof.

"We tried a few times to make something work. We were calling dress shops asking what we can do," she told The Huffington Post Canada.

They were told the only option was to sew Jo into the dress, or get a new zipper, on a Sunday.

Coulter then decided to send a bridesmaid over to a neighbour's house and ask for some pliers to help with the "zipper situation."

The neighbour delivered, and mentioned that he was hosting a family of Syrian refugees. The father, happened to be a master tailor.

A few minutes later, Ibrahim Halil Dudu and his son showed up with a sewing kit.

The Syrian tailor and his family had moved to Canada from Turkey just days prior to the wedding. 

The refugee family of five had moved to Canada from Turkey just days prior and spoke only Kurdish, Coulter said.

"He just kind of pointed at the zipper and he was like 'All right,' trying to use the universal symbol for 'leave me alone to work.'"

“I was so excited and so happy (to) help Canadian people like other people helped (me),” Halil Dudu told CTV News through a translator.

Source: Huffington Post