The Truth Behind Khadija Al Waal's Marriage

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The Truth Behind Khadija Al Waal's Marriage
Fri 26-02-2016

Saudi media figure Khadija Al Waal is going viral with her pictures on Intagram and Snapchat.

The pictures she shared are said to be from her "Divorce Party"!

After her pictures went viral, a hashtag was trending on Twitter about Khadija Al Waal's divorce party.

But Khadija later explained that it was only her birthday party and that she was not celebrating her divorce, even though the cake had a bride and a groom on it, with the groom planted upside down!

Khadija explained that the cake was just a joke between her and her friends.

To confuse her followers even more, a SnapChat video by celebrity Mariam Hussein was posted of her explaining she was at the divorce party.

Khadija denied the video and confirmed that she did not invite Mariam in the first place.