Turkish Anchor Insults Moroccans After Wedding of Murat Yildirim and Imane El Bani

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Turkish Anchor Insults Moroccans After Wedding of Murat Yildirim and Imane El Bani
Fri 06-01-2017

A Turkish anchor has lashed out at Morocco and and insulted Moroccans following the wedding of famous Turkish actor, Murat Yildirim, and former Miss Morocco, Imane El Bani.

The anchor appears angry at Yildirim for not valuing his Turkish culture during the wedding celebration and urged the bride to “wear a Turkish silk outfit.”

The anchor continued, lambasting Morocco and politicizing the issue, saying “Why you are showing me Moroccan culture from the morning to the evening? A country that was not even accepted by the African Union, Africa does not want to accept it. A country we don’t not know how it entered the territory of the Western Sahara.”

“I receive many insults from Moroccans – I don’t even know their language,” she continued, “I simply need to see a Turkish wedding in my own country.”

The anchor kept lashing out at Moroccans and criticizing the wedding. “I don’t like the wedding at all,” she said.

“Oh Moroccans go away from my account, do not insult me in Arabic,” she added.

The wedding of the couple has caused an uproar in Turkey. Last week, on the same show, the wedding was judged for being “too Moroccan.” Yildrim was, therefore, criticized for somewhat for representing his Turkish traditions in the wedding.

During the wedding, which took place in December at the CVK hotel in Istanbul, the married couple wore traditional Moroccan wedding outfits, including the Moroccan caftan and the ‘Jabador.’

Various clips of the wedding, which took social media platforms by storm, showed the guests dancing to the rhythms of Morocco’s “Deqqa Merrakchiya,” a popular Moroccan folk music from Marrakech.

Source: Morocco World News