The Ultra HD Saga Continues with Makeup For Ever

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The Ultra HD Saga Continues with Makeup For Ever
Fri 22-01-2016

On a never-ending quest for perfection, Make Up For Ever is once again featuring its invisible technology for perfect skin tone results with the launch of ULTRA HD Concealer, a new 4K technology compatible concealer. The performance of ULTRA HD Liquid Foundation is also now available in stick form. The ULTRA HD product range of liquid and stick foundation and now the concealer, keeps its promise of perfect, natural and luminous skin, where spotting even the thinnest film of makeup is simply unthinkable.


Absolutely essential to flawless makeup results, ULTRA HD Concealer is the new concealer by MAKE UP FOR EVER compatible with the ULTRA HD Liquid Foundation and ULTRA HD Stick Foundation. Capable of rivalling the ultra-high definition of digital cameras, the innovative 4K complex-enriched formula of this product visibly improves skin texture and brightens the eye contour.

Invisible, luminous and comfortable, the professional formula of ULTRA HD Concealer naturally corrects the appearance of wrinkles, under eye shadows and facial imperfections. The eye contour is illuminated; the full intensity of radiant eyes restored.


“No makeup” results are now within reach for all women by combining ULTRA HD Concealer with ULTRA HD Liquid Foundation and ULTRA HD Stick Foundation. The professional formula, contained in a new practical, easy to use and compact application tool, ensures fool-proof makeup results in the eye contour area. Thanks to its high-performance technology, women can now count on natural beauty for their face.

Used alone, ULTRA HD Concealer is a must have product that helps eliminate fatigue from the eye area for a confident start of your day. Signs of fatigue are forgotten. Luminous and natural, the eyes look awake as if after a good night’s sleep. Minor imperfections disappear magically.

Make Up For Ever created 10 mix and match shades that seamlessly blend with the ULTRA HD Liquid foundation and ULTRA HD Stick Foundation. For a brightened eye contour, our makeup artists recommend choosing a concealer one shade lighter than the Ultra HD foundation used.


Make Up For Ever also released ULTRA HD STICK FOUNDATION, a long-lasting, multi-tasking cream cover stick with invisible coverage for foundation touch-ups and contouring. It feels like a second skin, but still provides medium to full coverage while looking flawless and natural as its creamy texture blends in seamlessly to conceal imperfections. It creates a flawless complexion on camera, and to the naked eye. It is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, the formula glides on and makes the skin look even-toned and moisturized, with a soft satin finish. Great for all skin types, even dry skin. It is available in 15 shades to perfect the complexion of every skin tone.