UNICEF Highlights the Horrors of Underage Marriages

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UNICEF Highlights the Horrors of Underage Marriages
Tue 15-03-2016

UNICEF has produced a wedding video with a message that highlights the horror of underage marriages.

The video is part of a new program that helps eliminating child marriage.

The video starts with the preparations of a wedding day, such as the bride's make up and dress, the decorations, the guests arrival and many other preparations.

Then we see a child sitting on the floor coloring and a veil with a teddy bear beside it.

And as the bride makes her way to the aisle towards her groom, it appears that she is only a child and looks terrified.

A sign is also seen on one of the chairs that reads "He owns me".

According to UNICEF, around 41,000 girls under 18 are forced into marriage every day.