A Unique Vegan Wedding Attended By Hundreds Of Dogs

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A Unique Vegan Wedding Attended By Hundreds Of Dogs
Sun 15-05-2016

Shasvathi and Karthik, are a couple who loves animals, so it was no surprise when they decided to have the most animal-friendly wedding ever.

“There’s no way that we could have thought of having a wedding without one part of the family. It’s like asking my sister not to come,” said Shasvathi’s father.

The wedding did not have any dairy, silk, plastic, leather, flowers or any excessive energy wastage.

Each guest received goodie bags full of vegan products and 2,000 old newspapers were cut up to replace napkins.

They were careful to find makeup that was cruelty-free.

And the mehendi was all organic and chemical-free.

Even the spoons were edible to decrease the amount of waste.

Other than not having flowers, the decor included messages carved on dry coconuts.

Another cool thing about the wedding was that it was conducted by the couple’s mums instead of the priest who came to conduct it.