Video: Beautiful Wedding Dress Across Asia

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Video: Beautiful Wedding Dress Across Asia
Tue 05-01-2016

Of course the white dress is the dominant bridal look at weddings around the world, but it not uncommon for brides in Asia to choose more unique and traditional bridal outfits.

BuzzFeed has put together a video titled ‘Wedding Dresses Across Asia’, which features the unique cultural dresses that are worn as alternatives for the pristine white dresses. 

Traditional Asian fashion arguably showcases some of the most beautiful, intricate garments in the world, though many aren’t aware that these gowns even exist.

The white dress dominates wedding fashion around the world, but it is not uncommon for brides across Asia to opt for more colorful, cultural gowns. 

Watch as brides strut the runway in a diverse collection of wedding dresses from Thailand right up to Korea.