Video: Engagement Ring Falls Into Pond During Marriage Proposal

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Video: Engagement Ring Falls Into Pond During Marriage Proposal
Mon 18-09-2017

Kansas City couple Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas were ready to get married! But on a Saturday evening Dixon got on one knee on the footbridge spanning a corner of the pond at Loose Park. He flipped open the box holding the $3,000 diamond engagement ring he is still making payments on.

But the ring popped out of the box, bounced twice, then fell through the bridge’s wooden slats. Dixon is captured on video on both knees, mouth agape, trying to grab it.

“We freaked out,” said Salas, a substitute teacher for the Liberty School District. “It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop.”

Soon after the ring disappeared, they all were in the water, searching in the deep silt until the night turned too dark.

The next morning, the couple went back, this time with a man with a metal detector whom they had hired off of the internet. The water was too deep for him. Dixon got in with the detector to search with no luck.

The ring is still, presumably, in the water. Although insured for damage or for loss of just the diamond, the entire ring is not insured if it is lost, Salsa and Dixon said.