Video: Grandson of Kuwaiti Prince Gets Married

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Video: Grandson of Kuwaiti Prince Gets Married
Sun 08-07-2018

The marriage of Emir of Kuwait’s grandson and the daughter of the very famous businessman of Kuwait was one lavish event.

The bride, Fay bint Loay bin Jassim Al Kharafi, is also the granddaughter of speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait.

Shaikh Fahad bin Nasser bin Sabah Al-Ahmad and Fay bint Loay bin Jassim Al Kharafi captured the headlines by their ornate wedding.

The wedding went viral on the Internet with the tag of “Fairytale Wedding”. Most of the part of the venue was decorated in white.

The wedding guests will all presented with stunning diamond rings as wedding favors.

A list of elite Arab stars, including Saudi singers Mohammed Abduh, Rashid Majid, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and Nabil Shuail, along with Nawal (Kuwait), Hussein Al Jasmi (UAE), Myriam Fares (Lebanon), and Essa Kubaisi (Qatar) studded the VIP guests at the ah-mazing wedding.

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