Video: A Marriage Proposal Ends Badly

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Video: A Marriage Proposal Ends Badly
Wed 16-11-2016

In Chongqing, southwest China, a man got down on one knee and made a proposal to a woman, in the middle of a busy part of town.

The man looked to confess his undying love for the woman, by holding a wreath – an object more closely associated with funerals in China. 

The odd proposal attracted the attention of many passers-by, with mobile phone footage showing the woman at first reacting with shock, before storming off in anger, with the man following closely behind her. 

One user tried to explain the man’s behavior, saying “his meaning was that he wanted to enter ‘the tomb of love and marriage’ with the girl. But the act was stupid.” The wreath, which is typically used at funerals to mourn and honor those who have passed away, was even decorated with the Chinese character “dian” (奠), which has the meaning of making offerings to the spirits of the dead.