Video: Saudi Couple Get Married in Skates

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Video: Saudi Couple Get Married in Skates
Wed 26-07-2017

A Saudi couple celebrated their wedding on roller skates!

The wedding was a breakthrough in the Saudi society as the bride and groom decided to wear the roller skates and rolled up their way to the reception hall.

The groom, Husain Bin Mahfood, a professional skater ranked third on Asia, toyed with the idea of the roller-skate wedding since 2012 when he watched a couple in France do it.

His bride, Hanan Al Reemi, a Jeddah university architecture student, loved the idea.

Reem said that some guests on the wedding day were worried she would have serious problems skating with her overflowing dress, but she too was determined to make the wish become a reality and she went ahead with it.