Video: A Stunning Disney Inspired Marriage Proposal

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Video: A Stunning Disney Inspired Marriage Proposal
Fri 10-06-2016

An art director from London amazingly managed to pull of one of the sweetest Disney inspired marriage proposals.

According to the Huffington Post, "When Simone Golumb misses her home of Glasgow, Scotland, there's one thing that always makes her feel better: watching Disney movies."

He convinced Simone Golumb that she was simply attending a Disney art exhibition that he had designed, and at first glance that's exactly what it looked like. The first floor of the art studio was filled with still shots from Disney films and a short description of the photos found below.

But what really took our breath away is what was found in the basement. Lit candles glowed as spotlights focused in on Shoffman's greatest creation — movie posters donning every adorable picture the couple had taken in the form of his girlfriend's favorite Disney movies. He even changed the named "Disney" into "Goffy," which is a combination of the pair's two last names. Umm, where do we find men like this?!