Wafaa Kilani Divorced After 9 Years

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Wafaa Kilani Divorced After 9 Years
Mon 20-06-2016

Egyptian media figure, Wafaa al Kilani, has reportedly split up from her husband of nine years, Tony Michael.

Wafaa and her husband ended their marriage earlier this year. The pair divorced quietly with the knowledge of their closest friends and family.

Wafaa and Tony decided to end things in a civilized way for the sake of their two children Judy and Ryan.

The ex-couple married in a non-religious ceremony in Cyprus in 2008, as Wafaa is Muslim and Tony is Christian.

Wafaa has been residing and working with MBC in Beirut since 2005. Her shows are considered some of the most controversial, interesting and successful on Arabic TV.

Source: Al Bawaba