What To Expect At INTERBRIDE 2018

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What To Expect At INTERBRIDE 2018
Wed 21-03-2018

INTERBRIDE is the leading exhibition for wedding, bridal and event fashions in the heart of Europe. The B2B exhibition offers buyers around the world the chance to view and order all the latest collections up close and personal.

The sixth INTERBRIDE will take place from 05 to 08 May 2018 at the exhibition grounds of Germany's fashion capital Düsseldorf. INTERBRIDEs key design element "Avenue of Emotions" will be designed in the form of a circular walk for the first time. The advantage for the visitors is: They will automatically walk past all stands, while the advantage for the exhibitors is: The flow of visitors will run directly past all stands. Another innovation for 2018 is the so-called product clusters. Related companies with similar target groups will be exhibiting in one dedicated space. This consolidation will create an even more intense product experience.

To learn more about INTERBRIDE, read this interview with Mr Ulrich Wendel, CEO of INTERBRIDE:

What can retailers expect to see at INTERBRIDE 2018?

INTERBRIDE visitors will experience the latest fashion trends. What's happening on the fashion market in 2019, what are next year's bride and groom, evening and special occasion wear must-haves? The INTERBRIDE sees itself as the industry's leading European trade show and intends to play a role in shaping the industry's dynamic. To achieve this goal, we gather international top brands under one roof and offer the quality and diversity expected by the specialist retailers.

For our sixth show this May, we have completely redesigned the hall concept in order to present a perfect combination of ordering business and trade show experience. A central circular walk, the "Avenue of Emotions", will guide the visitors automatically past all exhibitor stands. For the first time, we have created product clusters to make it easier for them to find their way around; we have grouped complementary companies with similar target groups together in one space. This means that the respective brands will be exhibiting in the four product clusters "Bride", "Bridegroom", "Evening and Special Occasion Wear" and "Accessories". The resulting concentration of expertise will create an even more intense product experience. This concept also has another positive effect: It reduces the distances visitors have to walk, and they don't have to waste time looking for stand numbers. As they have such busy schedules, they are bound to appreciate this.

How would you describe the mix of exhibitors?

INTERBRIDE brings specialist retailers together with top international manufacturers - and this in the 3 areas of wedding, bridal fashion and special occasion wear. This year's show focuses particularly on evening wear. On more than 2,000 square metres of floor space, more than 30 specialists will be exhibiting their collections with us, including the market leader "Unique". We believe that this segment will grow significantly in future, which will attract even more visitors to our trade show. 

Can you name some of the first-time exhibitors to INTERBRIDE this year? Do you have any new bridal brands exhibiting?

To elaborate on your last question; the following renowned manufacturers of evening and special occasion wear will now also be there: Unique, Chic & Holland, Fely Campo, Little Mistress, Promulias, Rosera, Vanderwilde. The bridal fashion specialists include Ariamo, Your Bridal Look, LQ Design London, R. Framboise, Selestia, Sposa Group / Atelier Sposa, Valérie Delville and Victoria & Vincent, for example.

Why is INTERBRIDE such a good event for retailers to place orders?

You simply have to go back to the show's roots to answer this question: From the first day onwards, its motto was: "By the Industry – for the Industry". This describes our trade show concept in a nutshell, as 22 international manufacturers really have pooled their expertise to consistently advance and develop the industry and the respective retail business. The fact that this is exactly what happened back in 2012 and has been so successful since is unique in Europe, if not in the world. In my opinion, the three decisive factors that make us special are: International premium class exhibitors get together at our show; the mix includes anything from small designer labels to major global players, and the fact that we provide a first-class forum that combines service with business activities and networking. 

How active is INTERBRIDE on social media?

Social media is definitely an important channel for getting in contact and communicating with our international target groups: Specialist retailers, manufacturers, disseminators and the media. The industry finds out what's new via Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. A dedicated PR and media team consistently ensures that the INTERBRIDE is marketed on an international level. On the one hand, we do this because we want to make the news that's relevant to each recipient available to them and on the other, because we want to continuously internationalise the reputation and appeal of the trade show. 

What advice would you give to first-time buyers visiting INTERBRIDE?

With around 200 international brand manufacturers, the ordering trade show INTERBRIDE has long since become the place to be in Europe for wedding, bridal and special occasion wear. In 2017, we had 4,500 visitors from more than 40 countries. We are expecting this number to increase this year. One convincing argument for a first visit to Germany is that INTERBRIDE presents small designer labels, medium-sized companies and global players from around the world in a top class ambience. This portfolio gives us a strong position and clearly distinguishes us from our competitors. 

Is there any other information you'd like to pass onto our readers about INTERBRIDE?

I have already mentioned our new hall concept. I would like to add something to this, a highly topical issue that we refer to as "experience": As trade show organisers, we have noticed that in a business-to-business context, the increasingly anonymous online world is close to its limits. B2B transactions depend on human interaction and dialogue. We want to promote this and raise people's expectations in this respect. Of course, the ordering of goods is still the top priority, but it is closely followed by networking. When people visit a trade show, they delve deeply into the industry's soul as they cannot experience the market in such a concentrated form anywhere else. The place is packed with exhibitors presenting their collections.

In such an intense environment, it is only natural that the visitors are also looking for opportunities to talk shop; they want to learn more about the latest trends and directions on the market. This inspired us to initiate a new format for 2018, our "Business Talk". Outside of the trade show business, special times will be set aside for meeting and talking almost "off the record".