What's New - a New Feature at SI Sposaitalia Collezioni

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What's New - a New Feature at SI Sposaitalia Collezioni
Thu 15-03-2018

Si Sposaitalia Collezioni 2018 to be held in Milano from 6 to 9 April, will, for the very first time, be hosting an established event curated by Gabriella Giamminola, who has purposefully re-interpreted the format to adapt it for the international operators visiting Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni.

Entitled What's New By Il Matrimonio dei Sensi, will be a glamorous, romantic and captivating event that will ideally contain Italian excellence; a unique experience for the visitor who will find themselves immersed in a multi-sensorial dimension.

With this event, Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni intends to present itself as an incubator of ideas and talent scout. The select organisations will be integrated into a sensorial and experiential pathway to be discovered as the visitor explores the What's New area.

In fact, they will be able to get up close and personal with exclusive items and splendid handcrafted pieces, including Alessandra Broggiato fashion accessories made using age-old techniques, Taala gold-plated enamel headpieces, Cristina Bombardi Collection limited-edition jewellery and Daniela Bentivoglio art jewellery, alongside footwear that takes us back to the ancient furnishings of regal palaces as proposed by Rea, and the intriguing collection of supremely sensual lingerie inspired by the lifestyle of renowned writer D’Annunzio and presented by PerNonDormire. 

Alessandra Broggiato

Cristina Bombardi

Beauty will also be under the spotlight with Beautick Luxury brand hair & makeup products, combining luxury and beauty, and the fragrances of Campomarzio 70 The Essential Culture, designed to complete the wedding day with its memorable olfactory notes. To conclude, we will also be showcasing Michele Sciretti’s cosy and striking artisan fur creations. An authentic emotional experience dedicated to the big day.


A select bouquet of products that will allow the visitor to dream by stimulating the five senses in an enchanting and sophisticated atmosphere. An incitement for the ateliers and a challenge to be risen to, so as to transform themselves from simple stores to concept stores, where they will offer future brides a style and not merely a product.