Woman Travels The World in Her Wedding Dress After Divorce

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Woman Travels The World in Her Wedding Dress After Divorce
Wed 17-02-2016

Pavlina Melicharov from the Czech Republic, is a woman who turned her bad marriage into a positive experience.

Pavlina took a trip around the world after her marriage ended, and photographed herself at iconic sites wearing her wedding dress.

Pavlina Melicharova walked away from her unhappy relationship 2 and a half years ago and embarked on a quest for self-discovery in October last year.


The 49-year-old, who has travelled to Turkey, India, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, wore the dress to represent new beginnings and inspire others in a similar position to make a positive change.

She said: 'At first I planned to help those in bad relationships to do something new and positive for them - anything that can make them happy.'

Pavlina's journey echoes the one taken in the best-selling book which was turned into Hollywood movie Eat Pray Love. It's the true story of American divorcee and writer Liz Gilbert who spent a year travelling in Italy, India and Bali in search of spiritual fulfilment and romance.

Pavlina said: 'I'm the priority and I'm not looking for someone to marry, but maybe I will meet someone, or someone is waiting for me, who knows?'


She said she now hopes the project will motivate both men and women to embrace life and fulfil their potential.

She continued: 'During my journey I have met so many beautiful and interesting people and I've made new friends all over the world.

'I think the project can inspire others to change not only broken relationships but anything in life which makes them unhappy and sad.'

Source; Daily Mail