Planning Your Henna Party in Ramadan?

Planning Your Henna Party in Ramadan?

Now that it’s Ramadan, many brides think they should press the pause button on their wedding planning and celebrations! But that doesn’t have to be the case…We have previously published an article on "Pre-Ramadan Wedding Checklist," but if you haven't had your bachelorette/shower party yet, Ramadan could be the perfect time for a Henna party!

We all know how the ambiance and mood changes in Ramadan, people stay out late after Iftar and enjoy traditional food, sweets and places. You can easily throw your Henna party after Iftar; the lanterns and lights are already there anyway.

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Make use of Ramadan decorations by adding a few lanterns, stars, candles or even "Bakhoor" (incense).

Not one day passes by during Ramadan without sweets, especially "Atayef", which also could be served easily at your Henna party.Want something traditional but with a modern twist? Fill small sized Atayef dough with Nutella, or serve some pistachio and vanilla ice cream in pretty bowls nicely decorated.Check out our article on "Arabic Sweet on Your Menu" for ideas and tips.

Of course no Henna party is complete without a Henna artist!

Remember when planning a Henna party, think of "one thousand and one nights "Indian Theme" or anything traditional and oriental, otherwise it's just a shower party.

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