Vivek Bhatia and Shruti Sethi's Wedding at Burj Al Arab by Eventchic Designs

Indian couple Vivek Bhatia and Shruti Sethi were the first to get married at the Burj Al Arab's new terrace. The wedding was planned by Eventchic Designs.

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Wedding Date: 17/12/2016
Venue: The terrace of Burj Al Arab, Dubai.
Bridal Gown: Hazar Haute Couture
Bridal Jewelry: AlJazz Jewelry
Wedding Planner: Eventchic Designs 

Around 400 guests attended the wedding. The guests were welcomed at a cocktail reception first at the Burj Al Arab Marina Garden and then moved on to the main area for reception at the new terrace. 

"We made a lush of flowers on a gate for the entrance and urns with beautiful flower arrangements along the entrance passage way. A beautiful arch with flowers, crystals and clouds decor leading to an enchanting gazebo where the bride and groom did their cake cutting ceremony. This was made very beautiful because we had fireworks after" explained Eventchic Designs.