Zankyou Launches in the Middle East with Arabia Weddings

Zankyou Launches in the Middle East with Arabia Weddings
Mon 11-09-2017

The wedding portal Zankyou is constantly expanding its market and their most recent collaboration with Arabia Weddings shows they are now targeting the Middle Eastern population. After entering the Indian market last year, Zankyou will take this new opportunity as a fresh cultural challenge. They have joined up with the Jordanian start-up to offer the best service to their providers.

“The platform´s success is rooted in the company´s human resources team. Each country is managed by a group of native speakers who can provide a personalised service, adapted to the needs of every country, each with their own distinctive features”, explains Guillermo Fernandez-Riba, co-founder of Zankyou Weddings.

The Spanish company has experienced first-hand the importance of teaming up with local groups to guarantee the viability of a project. The founders have adapted their company to meet each individual country´s wedding traditions. For example, there is a big difference between a Latin American wedding, where the people are much more interested in the wedding reception and celebration, and a Northern European country, like Germany, where these are much more informal. Therefore, the treatment of the providers and the communication with the brides and grooms must conform to what would be expected in their own culture.

The main objective of both companies is to facilitate the organisation process for the newly engaged couple and to offer the industry´s best tools to attract potential clients. With this new alliance, both companies have access to a new potential market that will allow the growth of this sector at an international level.

With its headquarters in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, Arabia Weddings has become the wedding industry´s most important start-up in this region covering 16 Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa. With this new association Zankyou will be providing its services to 46 countries and will be considered as the world´s most international wedding portal.