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Lebanese Weddings

Lebanese Weddings are among the best weddings in the world. Take a look at these beautiful real weddings that were held in Lebanon for your inspiration - you'll find out that a Lebanese wedding is something else!

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When it comes to luxurious and unique weddings in the Arab world, Lebanese Weddings tops the list. They are a spectacular extravaganza; a series of breathtaking scenes that leave nothing to your imagination. From the minute you step into a lavish Lebanese wedding you are mesmerised by the details that go into them - the floral decorations, the lighting and 3D projections, the dance floor, hanging floral ceilings, huge purpose built structures, the spectacular zaffe, the couple's entrance, the entertainment, the sumptuous buffet and live cooking stations, the cocktails and bar catering services, the cinematography... and lots more.

Lebanese wedding professionals tour the world to look for inspiration and learn the latest trends, for example, in floral design, sound and light production, 3D mapping and cinematography. They are talented and creative and pay special attention to customer service - no wonder that Lebanese Weddings are dazzling celebrations that tantalise your senses. Innovation is at the heart of a Lebanese wedding, you will rarely see 2 weddings that look alike, many of them include unique structures and ideas. 

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It’s not a Lebanese wedding if there’s no dancing. In fact most of them have additional entertainment elements that keep the wedding guests on their feet all night long. From the traditional zaffe and Lebanese dabke, to live performances by famous Lebanese stars, to drummers, bands, shows... guests are kept entertained at all time.  

Lebanese weddings are Lebanese affairs. From the wedding planner to the photographer, DJ, the chef, the bartender, waiters, entertainers, performers, caterer... or from the fashion designer to the makeup artist, hairstylist... the whole professional wedding crew is normally Lebanese. In fact, the Lebanese largely dominate the creative industry in the Arab world including the wedding industry. 

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In this Lebanese Weddings section we aggregated some of the best real Lebanese weddings that were held across Lebanon, and we have identified the venues and the main vendors used in each wedding to give you some inspiration, and to help you decide on your wedding suppliers and service providers as well. We have included extravagant weddings and elegant affordable weddings, beach weddings and mountain weddings, indoor weddings and outdoor weddings... to give you variety and a glimpse of the wedding scene in this thriving sector in Lebanon. 

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