How to Make a Banana Scrub!

How to Make a Banana Scrub!

Bride or not every woman needs her scrub! But you should always look for the most natural and healthy product in order not to harm your skin. This is why we got you this great recipe that you will love.

Bananas are great for acne, and will soothe and moisturize your skin.

(Idea: Throwing a henna party, bridal shower for your favorite ladies? Put this banana scrub in pretty jars and decorate with ribbons! A great idea for giveaways!)


1 ripe banana

4 tablespoons of sugar

1 tablespoon of honey (or maple syrup, agave syrup, golden syrup)

A few drops of pure vanilla extract


Mix all of your ingredients together.

Gently massage it all over your body.

Rinse. Your skin will thank you!

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