A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Vanessa Bonadiman

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Vanessa Bonadiman

Born in Verona, Italy, Vanessa has cultivated her strong passion for the world of beauty since she was young.

Vanessa took part in various TV programs on Rete 4 such as “Come si cambia Academy” and “Come si cambia Celebrity” where she did the makeup of many celebrities.

Vanessa has moved to Dubai in early 2014, she has already worked with magazines such as Grazia and Housekeeping, Physique TV, Miss Russia, photo shoots and other events in the UAE.

We had a chance to ask Vanessa a few questions and here is what she had to say:

  • What are the makeup trends and colors for this season?

For Spring/Summer 2014, we return to the feminine look. We’re looking at bright, healthy skin that is not too loaded with products.

Face: Beautiful skin is the basis for a perfect look. Using foundation or opting for a lighter option like a BB or CC cream depends on the type of skin. And always go for a bit of blush with shades of pink or peach.

Eyes: Have fun with colors this season; especially delicate and pastel shades. Use pink, blue, yellow and orange. Play around with various shades that go well with your skin tone; even pearly shades and metallics are trending big this year!

Lips: Pink, red and orange are the right colors to put on your lips. In particular, fluorescent orange which was an essential item in fashion shows this season. But colors cannot be glossy! Opt for opaque tones and matte shades; basically lose the lip gloss!

  • How should a bride prepare her skin for her wedding makeup?

The first of the beauty tips that I want to give you is to prepare your skin for wedding makeup by opting for customized treatments according to your skin type. The healthier and better-prepared your skin is, the better the result and the tightness of your make-up.

Also, peeling is essential! With this kind of treatment, you can exfoliate the skin and make it more clean, fresh and relaxed, as it renews the skin allowing it to breathe better.

However, in addition to treatments, you need to stick to a beauty routine at home. You need systematic skin moisturizing after every wash, intensifying in winter and summer, and exfoliating regularly with products. Don't forget the sunscreen which should be used all year round in order to prevent the formation of stains on the skin.

Remember to do your facial waxing at least 4 days before the wedding so that redness and sensitivity fade away. Drink plenty of water, hydrate and follow a balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and vitamins.

  • What makeup advice can you give every bride-to-be?

The perfect make-up is made of small details, which can enhance the natural beauty of the bride. In short, the best trick is what is there but cannot be seen.

Pay special attention to the base to get a velvety matte effect and free of defects or smears to look your best in front of the lens of the photographer. The choice of makeup is very personal, so make sure to go for something that reflects who you are and makes you feel radiant.

  • How does bridal makeup differ from makeup for other occasions?

Bridal makeup differs for two reasons: the first is the seal. Specific bridal makeup must be designed to withstand all day skin-to-skin contact, tears and smudges. No bride wants to be in the middle of the ceremony with runny foundation! The second difference is that bridal make-up is closer in concept to stage make-up, even if the effect is to make it look natural.

Therefore, it must be studied for every kind of situation and light: the sun, the photographer's flash and the interior. So my advice is to trust the expert hands of a makeup artist who in addition to creating the perfect makeup for you and for the photographic needs, will also use the best products for the perfect outcome.

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