Wedding Bouquets

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Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing your wedding bouquet:

  1. The season: You might have a specific flower in mind for your bouquet but you should always make sure that the flowers you select are in season. If not, then they could be imported, but keep in mind that this will be more expensive (and costlier on the environment) than using locally grown seasonal flowers. Read: 15 Breathtaking Tulip Wedding Bouquets For The Spring Bride and Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas.
  2. Choosing the right bouquet shape: There are many different types of wedding bouquets. You should match your bouquet perfectly with your dress and your size. If you have a small figure then you should go for a smaller bouquet, the same goes if you are a larger size or if you’re tall. You should also apply this general rule: The longer the wedding dress and its train, the longer the wedding bouquet.
  3. Choosing the scent: As your bouquet will be with you through most of your wedding day, make sure that you actually like its scent and that it's not too strong so it won't disturb you or your groom.
  4. Choosing the color: If you decided to go for colors in your bouquet to accent your white gown, choose soft colors that won’t distract people from your face.  Read: And definitely match the colors with your overall wedding theme. You may also opt for a white floral bouquet which is always elegant and classy, or some other unique wedding bouquet ideas. Check this out: 30 Creative Non Floral Wedding Bouquet Ideas.
  5. Bouquet toss: The bride tosses her bouquet to her female guests who are supposed to catch it as a sign of who will be getting married next. If you want to toss your bouquet at your wedding but still want to keep it, then why not have a second one to toss? This way you get to preserve your wedding bouquet as a eternal keepsake.

The most important thing is that you like your wedding bouquet and your wedding flowers no matter what you decide on. You don’t have to go over the top to look beautiful, sometimes keeping things simple is key.

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