45% of Jordanian Females Are Single and Considered as Spinsters

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45% of Jordanian Females Are Single and Considered as Spinsters
Sat 20-07-2013

In a global study about "spinsterhood" in the Arab world, Jordan occupied the medium rank on the map of spinsterhood in the Arab world, as the percentage of unmarried women in Jordan reaches 45% of the number of girls of marriageable age and their number reached nearly 15,000.

On the other hand Palestine was recorded to have the less spinsterhood ratios in the Arab world, as it does not exceed 7%.

The highest rank of unmarried women are in Lebanon, where it reaches 86%.

The Gulf states have been rising steadily in recent years, the UAE leads the top ranking by 70%. In Saudi Arabia, the number of unmarried women who are above the age of marriage reached 2 million, which is equivalent to twice the population of Bahrain.

In Morocco the total number reached 12 million unmarried women. As for Algeria the number of unmarried women who passed the age of marriage is 5 million.

In Syria rate of "spinsterhood" reached 70%, and is on the rise due to war conditions.

The same ratio applies to Iraq, due to its violent political status.

In Egypt, the number of women reached 8 million or 40% of the total women of marriageable age, a figure also rising due to the political and economic crisis in the country. 

Palestine represents an exception in the Arab world, despite the conditions of occupation and war, Palestinians see that marriage and childbearing are a need to prove the right of survival of the Palestinian citizen on their grounds.

The percentage of unmarried women in the Gulf region reached very high numbers: United Arab Emirates has a percentage of 75%  unmarried women. And up to 45% in Saudi Arabia and the lowest 25% in Bahrain. The reasons for these figures are his is the excessive dowry and marriage costs, according to the customs of the Gulf. In the UAE, for example, men are allowed to marry with non-Emirati, while restricting or preventing this in other Gulf states.


Adapted from Al-Rai