Men’s Best Colors for 2013

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Men’s Best Colors for 2013

For all you stylish men out there, we are here to bring you the latest tips and trends as always.

Here are the best 2013 colors that will look great on you, and ideas on how you can pull them off.

Grey: Grey can make you look very elegant instead of old and boring, if you wear it right. We love the look of different shades of greys layered together.

Blue Velvet: Also called midnight blue, blue velvet is still a favorite in men’s fashion. Here is a special tip from Esquire: “The cardinal rule to going rogue with black tie is One Item Only. A blue-plaid velvet tuxedo jacket for example, paired with the customary formal fixin's, is all the rogueosity you need.”

Dark Navy Blue: Although black is the king of colors and is never outdated, we think the darkest shade of navy blue is more sophisticated.